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Christiana Bull apologises to the public, family, for sex tape scandal.

By Lans Omar, Winnipeg, Posted July 23, 2010.

Christiana Bull, the "Tutu Party" & "Sugar Meresine" star in Emmerson's videos has apologised to her daughter, her family and the public for the leaked sex tape that has been circulating the internet, CDs, and mobile phones for the past two weeks.

The interview was aired on Wednesday July 21st at the FM98.1 in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

 She has asked for forgiveness and a second chance. But she said she still loves the man in the sex tape, who is married to another woman who is currently pregnant for her husband.

On her Facebook status, Christiana (pictured right) has posted that "I'm human, .................and that I'm asking for an forgiveness from her family and friends, especially to her young daughter...................I want all my fans to be with me at the troubled moment,'s a mistake and I promised that will never happen again."

Christiana Bull's sex tape has been removed from all video sites including the much-watched Youtube.

 The original copy is still availabe at our office and we reserve the right not to publish it on this site. Click here to contact us for viewing previledges.

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